Past Remote Learning Lessons
Day 1:
First Day of Remote Learning!

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Thank you!

Day 2: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Please check out the book we would be reading in class today:

Link to the book in case the above link doesn't work:

Some questions to ask during the read aloud:

Can you name parts of the book? (Front cover, back cover, spine, title, author and illustrator)
How would you try to catch a leprechaun?

Art: Encourage children to make a rainbow using using crayons, markers or paint and encourage them to name the colors they are using. 


Some St. Patrick's Day fun!

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Stay safe and warm!


Day 3!

Happy Wednesday!

Math – Lets hunt for shapes! Throughout your house have children look for five different shapes and encourage them to name the shape. We have been working 2-D shapes such as: oval, triangle, circle, rectangle, square, heart and star.

Shapes Are All Around Song

Login into your education accounts (codes were sent on Monday, if you need me to re-send please email me) to play a fun shape game.

Online like to the game:

Sing-a-long Book that goes along with our transportation study:

We All Go Traveling By

Day 4!

Thankful Thursday!

I came across this article that another teacher had posted. The article is for parents to help with discussing the corona virus with your child. Here is a link to the article about how to approach the topic.

A fun transportation song:

Story Time:  Read a story to your child.  Some questions you can ask your child: “Is this book hard or soft covered?  Point to the title on the book’s cover.  Point to the illustration on the book’s cover.  What does the author do?  What does the illustrator do?”

If you need more books or access to books try using the following website:

Class code: lnu3398

Math: Counting objects one at a time is a very important skill for children to have.  Encourage them to line up different objects such as cars and have them practice pointing to each as they count.  Encourage your child to count up to 20, if they can go higher keep going!

Literacy/Writing: Write the child’s name down on paper or encourage them to write it and then try to identify the letters. They can try writing and identifying letters in their last name as well.

I hope your child is enjoying the activities I am sending to you to help keep them engaged. Remember it is not mandatory but suggestions to help them to keep on learning each day.


Day 5!

Welcome Spring!

As today is the first full day of spring, try talking about the changes we will see. Some changes that we will start noticing is flowers beginning to bloom, leaves starting to grow on trees, warmer weather and lighter clothes. What kind of weather do you think we will have more often? Where does rain come from? What do plants need to grow?

To welcome spring I found a book welcoming spring:

A fun science activity:

Ask your child to predict “What happens if we mix the colors blue and yellow?”  Mix blue and yellow food coloring, paints or watercolors together.  “What color did you create?”

Gross Motor Activity: On this beautiful day, try going on a green scavenger hunt inside or use the outside sheet that was emailed.

1. Find something that you play with that is green.
2. Name an animal that is 
3. Find something hard that is green.
4. Name a fruit that is green.
5. Find something soft that is green.
6. Name a vegetable that is green.  
7. Find something you can wear that is green
8. Find something on the wall that is green.

Spring Songs for Kids:

Day 6!

Wishing you all a marvelous Monday!

Thank you to those of you who have been sending my photos and videos of the children completing their learning packet. The photos and videos have really brightened my day!

 Literacy: Using the letter puzzle cards from the Learning Packet, turn each card over and have your child play a memory matching game. When each card is turned face up, have your child identify the letter and encourage them to produce the letter sound.

Science: Make your own calming lava lamp!  All you need is food coloring, vegetable oil and water.  Add all to a plastic water bottle.  If you have different color food coloring or glitter even better!

Barney Transportation Song

Day 7!

Wishing everyone a Terrific Tuesday!

Please check your emails for the link to our read aloud.

Vehicle Rhymes

Literacy: Lets practice some rhyming today since there is rhyming in the song and in the book that was sent. Try to come up with words that rhyme with various transportation words- car, boat, plane, wheel, tire, train, etc.  Don't forget... have them practice writing their name (first letter upper case and the rest in lower case) everyday.  

Math: Counting and number identification! Make numbers cards, by writing numbers on post it notes, index cards or different paper with numbers 1-5 (or higher if you need more of a challenge). Ask the student what number it is and then encourage them to place that many pieces of toys under that number. 

ABC MOUSE is offering a free trial right now. Feel free to explore it with your child. Our class code for ABC Mouse is: CR26QXS5

Some Cosmic Yoga!

Day 8!

Happy Wacky Wednesday!

To keep up with our transportation study listen to the story Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. By Mo Williems.  Would you let the pigeon drive the bus? How do you think the pigeon feel? Angry? Sad? Disappointed? How do you feel when someone says you can’t do something?

Math - Have children take toys today and place them in size order from small too big. Review the sizes with them (small, medium and big/large).

- Practice writing letters in all different ways:  pencil on paper, dry erase boards, markers...remember always start on the top at the sky line and rain down to the grass line when forming each letter.  Hold pencils with thumb and pointer finger and rest the pencil on the middle finger.  Feel free to send me photos of any "messages" your children write!

Move with Me!

Freeze Dance

Day 9!

Happy Thoughtful Thursday!

A book about being kind.

What does being kind mean to you?

Math: Let's review numbers today. In your packet you received hippos to connect numbers and quantities together. Play that activity if you have not done so yet. Some of my friends though can identify higher numbers. You can easily write the numbers on pieces of paper and then set out objects for them to count and find the correct number to go with it.

Literacy: Write a bunch of random letters on a large piece of paper and give your child a small car.  Call out a letter for the car to “drive” to.  Have your child cross out each letter it “parks” on.  Please also have them practice writing their name (first letter upper case and the rest in lower case) every day

Science: Rain Cloud Experiment - Take a tall glass or jar, add some shaving cream, let it settle for a few minutes, add some blue food coloring, and watch what happens!
Image result for rain cloud in a jar

Gross Motor: Transportation Yoga – provide a picture with different poses.

Beginning MONDAY, March 30, 2020 you will need to check THIS website EVERY day for the detailed lesson plan for the day that the entire preschool level will be using. Every day I will still send out a short email with the lesson plan. (Below is a link to a sample lesson)

Please login daily to the website as I have assigned activities that are specific to the needs of the children. If you misplaced or lost the login information just let me know and I can send it to you. 

Day 10!!!

Happy Fun Friday!!!

*** There is a new assignment of ***

Today is superhero shirt day!! Send me your pictures of your superhero shirts!

Listen to Ms. Justis reading the book “There’s a Giraffe in My Soup”

Math: Use scissors to cut different shapes out of paper. Remember thumbs up when cutting. Arrange those shapes into different pictures, such as a square house with a triangle roof and a rectangle door. (You can use these shapes to create your art project).

Literary: Playing with words can be so much fun for kids.  Here is one idea for breaking apart, emphasizing syllables, and counting syllables……and having a blast. One of the easiest ways to emphasize and count syllables is to clap them.  Use names to introduce the concept to kids. Say a child’s name slowly while emphasizing the different syllables.  Show children how to clap their hands for each syllable.  Soon, they will understand that Collin is a two clap name and Joanna is a three clap name.

Art: Create a Shape Collage by drawing some shapes for your child on construction paper.  Encourage your child to cut and glue the shapes onto a different piece of paper to make a picture, the possibilities are endless!

Some dance, music and movement:

Zumba – I Like to Move it

Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle

I am available 8:30-12:30 and will respond back quickly since I am on my laptop but you can also email me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Stay safe and warm!