Remote Learning
To all my students,
     Thank you so much for all your hard work during remote learning. I know this has not been the easiest way to learn (or teach) but I appreciate all you have done.  I have included some fun activities to end our year with. Please check out your music rooms and click around for fun. Have an amazing summer! You are all missed. 

 Visit my Interactive Music Room-  Visit here for all music lessons, videos, and links for this week in one place.

Here is a Goodbye video to my students- Watch my Goodbye Video

A Site that is music based and geared towards learning with Mentors:  Is a great website with book read alouds about music, online games, songs, lessons, and so much more.  Please feel free to use this site as well.

I miss you all!  Please stay safe and healthy at home!
Mrs. P. Pedersen