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Choose at least 14 activities to complete this month. 
Continue to read with your child every day.

*Why are you so lucky? Write a sentence to say why. 
*Tell someone a story. Try to make your story have a beginning, middle and end.
*Write a number on paper (0-19) and draw the correct number of tens and ones. Repeat two times.
*Find three things made out of paper.
*Write as many words as you can that rhyme with -et.
*Count to 70 three different times. 
*Search for something in a store that rhymes with fin.
*Practice reading your trick words flash cards three times. 
*Sky write all your trick words.
*Have a family game night.
*Practice tying your shoes.
*Look through a book. See how many trick words you can find. 
*Read on RAZ-Kids for 30 minutes. 
*Draw three shapes. Cut them out. Glue them together to make something new. 
*Tell someone how a cardboard box is made. 
*Listen to a story. Draw the beginning, middle and end. 
*Play outside for 15 minutes. Can you make up a new game?
*Practice writing numbers 0-20. Be careful not to make any backwards!
*Teach someone the rule on how you know to use c or k when writing CVC words.
*Count by tens to 70 three different times.