4D Remote Learning SPECIALS Schedule
Our special classes are: Art, Music, Physical Education, Computers & Spanish.
The teachers for the special classes will be posting a lesson video and assignment each week on their website.  They may be posting in Microsoft Teams in the future, but as of right now, the Administration has told us to direct you and the children to the specialist website for the information.  You will go to gboe.org.  Select school, Woodrow Wilson #5, then go to teacher pages.  

Our class has a scheduled time slot for 11:20 am - 11:50 am daily for a special class.  This time is to be used to view the video of the week and work on the specialist assignments posted on their webpage.  All specialist assignments are due to the specialist.   Below are the days our class has each special and the name of the teacher teaching the class this year.  But all lessons should be posted for you on the Monday of every week.  The special teacher will be available during that time slot and day for emails and questions, and after school as well.
Monday: Physical Education (teacher unknown...Ms. Smith is on maternity leave)
Tuesday: Computers with Mrs. Pignatello - email address: jpignatello@gboe.org
Wednesday: Art with Ms. Nasuta - email address: Lnasuta@gboe.org
Music with Mrs. Lester - email address: dlester@gboe.org
Thursday:  Spanish Ms. Lopez - email address: vbazanlopez@gboe.org
Friday: Physical Education (teacher unknown...Ms. Smith is on maternity leave)
I am sorry to say that this is the only information I currently have.  I know that it is incomplete, things are changing on a daily basis.  Please be patient as I am working without information as well.  As it becomes available to me, I will pass it on.