High Frequency Word Lists

High frequency word recognition is an important part in the construction of a child’s ability to read. Mastering a large number of high frequency words allows students to read fluently and focus their attention on comprehension or making sense of what they are reading. 

*Below is a list of the Reading Writing Project HFW list A-H.  You can practice these words with your child by using index cards and playing games like Goldfish.  Start with list A.  Once your child has mastered the words on this list, move to the next list.

Reading and Writing Project High Frequency Word Lists

Word List A.pdf
Words List B.pdf
Word List C.pdf
Word List D.pdf
Word List E.pdf
Word List F.pdf
Word List G.pdf
Word List H.pdf

Fundations Sight words:
Kindergarten trick words.pdf
1st grade trick words.pdf
grade 1 and geade 2 trick words.pdf

Ideas for practicing High Frequency/ Sight Words: 

Driveway Spell
- Write all the letters of the alphabet on your driveway or sidewalk in chalk.  Say a sight word aloud and have your child try and spell it by jumping to each or the correct letters in the right order.  *You may help them when needed.

Lego Hunt-
write sight words on Legos and spread around the yard for your child to find.  Once they find each word, have them read and spell it before adding it to the Lego tower. (you could use other objects like balls, paper, Easter eggs instead of Lego)

Sight Word Bounce-
Write the sight words your child is practicing for the week on your driveway or sidewalk using chalk.  Call a sight word out and have them try and hit the word with the ball you called out. You can take turns and let them call words out too. *Make it harder by having them use the word in a sentence

Sight Word Ghost Zapper- 
Draw ghost shapes with different sight words in each one.  Call out the sight word of the ghost you want your child to "Zap".  Have them "zap" the ghost by tracing over each letter in the sight word with the water gun while saying each letter aloud

Sight Word Soccer-  set cones up with index cards on each one that have different sight words.  Have your child practicing kicking the soccer ball at different cones and reading the sight words as the hit a cone.

Lego Sight Words- Use Legos or blocks to build and spell sight words.  Have your child read the word after building. 

Sight Word Puzzle Pieces - Use old puzzle pieces to build and read sight words.

 Writing Sight Words
- Write weekly sight words on notecards.  Have your child randomly pick words from the pile to write in sand. You can also use chalk and write them outside on the sidewalk.
d     d

Sight Word Parking Lot
-  Use toy cars to have your child play an interactive game where they drive and park in spots.  If they can read the word, they get to park for free.  Otherwise, give them a "ticket" with the sight word they had trouble reading on it.  Have them collect the tickets they received and practice reading the words throughout the week.  

Sight Word Play Dough- Students can practice sight words by writing and reading them in play dough. 

Sight Word Match- Write the weekly list of sight words twice on pieces of paper.  Turn them over facing down.  Have your child try to get as many pairs by turning two over at a time.  In order to keep the pair, your child must be able to read the word they matched. 

Secret Password Game-  Pick one word a day from the sight word list you are working on for the week to be your secret word.  Students have to read and spell the secret word to do or get things throughout the day such as: watch TV, play a game, get a special snack.  Use sight words your child is having difficulty remembering or reading.

Sight Word "Puddle" Jump Game - Write the weekly sight word list on pieces of paper and spread them out on the ground.  Have your child jump from "puddle to puddle" reading and spelling each word.  *Let them hold an umbrella to make it fun!

Sight Word Splat GameWrite the weekly sight word list on pieces of paper and spread them out on a table.  Use a swatter or pancake spatula to have students swat/splat each word they read.  If they can read the word they swat, they can keep the card.  Have them count up how many words they collected at the end.  They can try to beat their score each time they play!

Sight Word Target Practice Game
- Write the weekly sight words on paper plates and attach to a wall either inside or outside.  Have your child throw a soft ball or stuffed animal and try and hit a word.  If they hit a word, they must read it.  Give them a point for each word they read correctly. **use a soft object like a stuffed animal and paper plates

Sight Word Tic Tac Toe Game - play Tic Tac Toe using different sight words instead of X's and O's

Hit the Sight Words Water Balloon Game-
Write the sight words your child is practicing for the week in circles on your driveway or sidewalk using chalk.  Have them call each word out and spell it before hitting it with a water balloon.