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Ms. Powers
I am the reading specialist at School #5. I have advanced training in reading and provide specialized education to students who are struggling with literacy issues.  I work with students in grades K-5 in small group settings who are having difficulty reading at their grade level.

Remote Learning
Based on school reading data, students may be placed in an intervention group.  If students are placed into an intervention group, they will be notified on Microsoft Teams of our sessions. 


Make sure your child reads at least 20 minutes today from a book at their independent reading level. 

After reading, your child should "stop, think, and jot" about what they read.  They may also draw a picture.  Use a notebook to make a daily reading journal if you have the materials.  **Check out the anchor charts below!

stop jot 

jot marks  

Decoding strategies: What do I do when I'm stuck on a word? Check out the link below to help remind you of the strategies to use!

reading.strategies.CHEAT.SHEET.students (1).pdf

Parents, a good way to monitor your child's comprehension or understanding of what they read is to ask questions.  Check out the link below!  Also, go to the useful links and reading challenge tab to the left of this page for more help.
Reading Comprehension Questions.pdf

Please email me with any questions.

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