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Description of Assignment:

          We will be developing a living wax museum that students and parents are invited to visit.  This project will take a few weeks to prepare at school, but you may want to begin costume preparation at home sooner.  Students will choose a famous historical person to research (which has been done already), write a research report, and develop a short speech that summarizes their famous historical person.  Then the fun part begins.  Students will create a costume, dress as their chosen person, and then assume the identity of their historical figure on presentation day which will be on April 28th from 9am to 10am. 

Important Notes:

·         Most of this project will be completed in school.

·         Due dates and guide lines are provided in this project packet.

·         This project will count as a grade in Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

This project will be comprised of four main elements:

1. Research Report

·         Students will read nonfiction books and websites on their subject and use these reference sources to collect information.  They should locate information concerning their subject’s date of birth, early life, family, education, later life and date of death which will be recorded in the Note Taking packet. (Should already be completed)

·         Students will then complete the Rough Draft Packet.  Information from the Note Taking packet should be used to form paragraphs for each section: Introduction, Early Life, Contributions, Later Life, and Conclusion. (this will be completed in school as well as AT HOME)  Students should be working on their reports every night.

·         Students will then type their reports.  If typing at home, use Times New Roman at a size 14.  Be sure to add a title and double space.  May be done in school as well.

2.  Speech

·         Students will use the information from their research to write a small speech that will be presented on the day of the Wax Museum.  (A speech template will be provided.)

·         Students are not required to memorize their speech.  However, they should practice enough that the speech is almost automatic, and the template card is only used as reinforcement.

·         Practice! Practice! Practice!  When people are nervous they often speak faster, so concentrate on slowing down.  The more they practice giving their speech in front of people, the more comfortable they will be.


3.  Costume Presentation

·         Students dress in costume to portray their subject.  This costume should accurately convey information about the subject and the time period in which they lived.

·         Don’t wait until the last minute! Start to look for a costume, collect pictures, and locate other props that you can use to help “set the scene.”

·         Look at pictures of your person to give you inspiration.  Did they wear glasses?  How did their hair look?  Be creative and have fun with it!

4.  Poster Display Board

·         I will be ordering tri-fold boards from the dollar store so that everything is uniform.  Students should bring in a dollar as soon as possible in order to receive their tri-fold when they come in.

·         Famous Person’s Name

*Must be prominently displayed in large letters centered at the top of the board.

·         Time Line, Wordle, Bio Poem

*This will be completed in school

·         Pictures

1.       Display must include a minimum of three pictures.

2.      You may use various sizes of pictures, but you should have one LARGE picture of the famous person that stands out from the other pictures.

3.      Color pictures are preferred.


Online Examples

News Article with 20 photos



*Due to space restrictions, the wax museum will be held in the classroom.  Students will use their tri-fold boards as their backdrop. Small props may be brought in.

*Attached is an example of how your tri-fold board should be set up.
*Completed project due April 27th