Remote Learning

TO ALL MY STUDENTS: I am available to chat via TEAMS any week day from 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM should you have any questions/concerns about ANY classwork (assigned by your classroom teacher OR any of my assignments.) Please do not hesitate to contact me. Stay safe and hope to see you all soon!



WILSON STUDENTS* - Please refer to the following link Go through the warmup drill like we do in class, using the video above as a guide. For letter sounds, do all vowels and pick 5 consonants to practice. Practice all digraphs and welded (glued) sounds. Read the paragraph provided in the resources from the link and focus on reading with a steady pace, making sure that you are breaking apart multi-syllabic words as you read. Have a parent/older sibling dictate sentences to you and write them down in a notebook, paying close attention to correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Proofread your sentence and have a parent/older sibling look over it with you, correcting any errors you may find.



GO MATH! Differentiated activities (Grade 3):

Grade 3 Math - 9.1 _ 9.1 (dragged).pdf

Grade 3 Math - 9.1 _ 9.1 (dragged) 2.pdf

Grade 3 Math - 9.1 _ 9.1 (dragged) 3.pdf

Grade 3 Math - 9.1 _ 9.1 (dragged) 4.pdf

Grade 3 Math - 9.3 (dragged).pdf

Grade 3 Math - 9.3 (dragged) 2.pdf

Grade 3 Math - 9.4 (dragged).pdf

Grade 3 Math - 9.4 (dragged) 2.pdf

Equivalent Fractions Activities 1.pdf

Equivalent Fractions Activities (dragged) 2.pdf

Equivalent Fractions Activities (dragged) 3.pdf

Equivalent Fractions Activities (dragged) 4.pdf

Fractions and Mixed Numbers PowerPoint: Fractions-mixed-numbers.ppt