Daily Homework 
(This is part of your Remote Learning Daily Assignment)

10 -15 minutes of IXL- Language Arts Skills
Work on recommended skills

Read for at least 20 minutes every day!
As always, think about your reading.
Visualize and picture your story in your mind.
" Stop and Jot" about your reading.

Fiction “Stop and Jot”: 

Students will reflect about their reading and write about what they are wondering about/cite evidence from the text, find interesting, summarize their reading, make inferences, make connections, and or create predictions about  what will happen next.

Non- Fiction “Stop and Jot”:

Students can write about learning a new fact or detail, when you come to the end of a section, when you learn something interesting or when you have a question about something you read. 

Remember to use proper capitalization and punctuation.

Do your Best!

Online Class Codes

Readworks- Class Code- 5VVT32
Storyworks Class Code- school5b
Get Epic- snk3107
NEWSELA- Class Code KCW6G8