Remote Learning Updates

Remote Learning Schedule

Here is the schedule for Remote Learning

8:35-8:50 Welcome Time (Attendance, Greeting, Daily Objectives) 

8:50-9:00  Math Mini Lesson

9:00-9:25 Group A (Purple) Live Math Lesson
Group B (Gold) Independent Math Work

9:25-9:50 Group B (Gold) Live Math Lesson
Group A (Purple) Independent Math Work

10:00-10:15 ELA Mini Lesson

10:15-10:45  Group A (Purple) Live ELA Lesson
Group B (Gold) Independent ELA Work

10:45:11:15      Group B (Gold) Live ELA Lesson
Group A (Purple) Independent ELA Work

11:20-11:55 Lunch Time

11:55-12:25 Specials

12:30-1:00 Social Studies, Science, Social/Emotional Learning

        Monday/Tuesday: Social Studies  

Wednesday: Social/Emotional Learning

Thursday/Friday: Science


Remember to stay Logged Into TEAMS All Day.

During Independent Work Time, if your work is completed early, you use the extra time to go to the bathroom or take a little break.*